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How to choose a good quality hinge Share

Concealed cabinet hinge

Let us to learn How to choose a quality hinge in this article.

1.The weight of the materialIf the quality of hinge is poor, cabinet door used for a long time is easy to front and back, loose and sagging. Almost all of our cabinet hardware is made of cold rolled steel, which is made by stamping once, with thick hand feel and smooth surface. Moreover, due to the thick coating on the surface, it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, and has strong load-bearing capacity, while the poor quality hinge is generally made of thin iron sheet by welding, with almost no rebound force. If it is used for a long time, it will lose its elasticity, resulting in the door not being closed tightly, or even cracking.

2.Experiencing Hand FeelingThe hinge with excellent quality is soft when opening the cabinet door. When it is closed to 15 degrees, it will automatically rebound, and the rebound force is very uniform. Consumers can open and close the cabinet door more than once to experience the hand feeling.Our company have some good quality products,such as N883,N6263,3D863 are pretty good.

3.Viewing DetailsIn addition to visual inspection and smooth hand feeling hinge surface, attention should be paid to the return performance of hinge spring. The quality of the reed also determines the opening angle of the door panel. A good reed can make the opening angle exceed 90 degrees.

4.Selection TipsThe hinge can be opened by 95 degrees, and both sides of the hinge can be pressed by hand, and the support spring plate can not be deformed or broken, which is a very solid product with qualified quality. The service life of poor hinge is short, and it is easy to fall off. For example, the door and hanging cabinet fall off, mostly due to the poor quality of hinge.


1.Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth. Do not clean with chemical detergent or acid liquid. If there are black spots on the surface that are difficult to remove, wipe with a little kerosene;

2.It is a normal phenomenon to make a noise after a long service time. In order to keep the pulley smooth and silent for a long time, add lubricating oil regularly every 2-3 months for maintenance.、

3.Heavy objects and sharp tools shall be prevented from hitting and scratching.

4.Do not drag and pull when carrying, damage furniture connection hardware.

Someone wants to know what is the material of hydraulic hinge,well,I will tell you in another article.

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