Basic Knowledge of Drawer Slide

Heavy duty drawer slide

Today I will tell you some knowledge about drawer slide in this artical.

Drawer slide,also known as telescopic channel and guide rail,refers to the hardware connecting parts fixed on the cabinet body of furniture for drawer or cabinet board of furniture to move in and out.The drawer slide is applicable to the connection of drawers of kitchen cabinets,document cabinets,bathroom cabinets and other furniture cabinets.

If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet,the slide is the kidney.Whether the drawer can be pushed and pulled smoothly,and how to bear the load depends on the support of the drawer slide.From the current technology,the bottom slide is better than the side slide,and the overall connection with the drawer is better than the three-point connection.The material,principle,structure and technology of drawer slide are very different.The high-quality drawer slide has small resistance,long service life and smooth drawer.

In addition to the drawer closely related to the slide,there are also many kinds of hardware such as hinges,air pressure and hydraulic devices.These accessories are produced to adapt to the ever-changing design of the cabinet,mainly used for the flap up door and vertical lift door.Some devices have three or more brake positions,also known as random stop. The cabinet installed with pressure device is labor-saving and quiet,which is very suitable for the elderly.



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