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Basic knowledge of Hinges Share

Concealed cabinet hinge

Today let us to learn some knowledge about the hinge.

Hinge is a mechanical device that connects two solids and allows them to rotate relative to each other.It may be made of a movable component or a foldable material.It is mainly used to install on doors,windows and cabinets,the material of hinges mainly includes stainless steel and iron.

In order to give people better enjoyment,hydraulic hinge(also known as damping hinge)appears again,which is characterized by buffering function when the cabinet door is closed,minimizing the noise of cabinet door caused by collision with the cabinet body when it is closed.

Now I will tell you the basic parameter of hinge;there are many kinds of materials used to make hinges,such as Zinc Alloy,Stainless Steel,Nylon,Iron,Steel.The surface treatment of hinge is also very exquisite,some of the more common ways are powder spraying,galvanized alloy,galvanized steel,sandblasting,chrome zinc alloy,nickel plated steel,wire drawing and polishing.

Someone want to know the classification of hinges,I will tell you next article.


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