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The Material of Hydraulic Hinge Share

Concealed cabinet hinge

Hydraulic hinge is also a kind of hingewhich combines the function of the old hinge to correct on a certain basis.Now I will take you to know what materials are commonly used to make hydraulic hingesI hope that this knowledge can help you.

When we decorate at homethe mostly commonly used parts are hardwareand the hydraulic hinge is a part of them.It is generally installed between the door and wardrobe,the biggest feature of the hydraulic hinge is that it can open and close silently.Its service life is much higher than normal hinge,and it can reach the opening and closing times between 50000 and 100000.

The hydraulic hinge has large adjustable range and high installation comfort.It is applicable to the cabinet side plate.The head and body can be covered to achieve a clean and beautiful effect.In this way,you can make some small changes according to your decoration style,so that your decoration will be more superior.

The hydraulic hinge is generally made of top-grade stainless steel.The component parameter balance coefficient of high-quality pure 304 steel and 201 material can maximize the application of home hinge,so as to achieve the double perfect guarantee of corrosion prevention and load-bearing strength.


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